Radio: Deconstruction, Not Demolition

Deconstruction is the new demolition.

Listen to ON DECONSTRUCTION, NOT DEMOLITION, or read text below:

“By carefully separating materials during a building's demolition, deconstruction contractors prevent thousands of tons of materials from entering landfills every month. This isn't just architectural salvage- they don't just save the pretty stuff. Tile, lumber, concrete, drywall and steel can all be recycled.

The environmental protection agency and the green building council support this reuse effort, and when it comes time to build new, they also encourage using materials that were manufactured by recycling other products.

Most composite decking is made from plastic bags and milk jugs. You can get insulation made of old blue jeans or recycled newspapers and countertops of recycled aluminum, glass, paper or hemp. There are cabinets made partly from wheat by-products, carpet from recycled nylon and rubber mulch from recycled tires.

Now, even your old asphalt roofing shingles can be recycled; they could become your new driveway.

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