How to make a fast and yummy breakfast sandwich

Get your bread or bagel or English muffin and put it in the toaster, but don't push it down yet

This is the key: the perfect egg cooking dish. If you don't have the correct dish, find it! Mine is shallow, ceramic and about the same size as a bagel. Make sure it is microwaveable.

Spray lightly with cooking spray. Push down your toast. The count down begins.

Get your egg and scramble it well with a fork. Scrambling is the key here. Too little scrambling and you might hear a large bang in your microwave and a big mess to clean up

Put the egg in the microwave on high for about 1 minute. While the egg cooks prepare your bacon for the journey to the Microwave.

Eggs out. Put the slice of cheese or a handful of shredded on top of the egg and put the bacon in. My microwave gets set to 80% power for 35-40 seconds for the bacon.

At some point around now the toast has popped back up. Assemble your sandwich and pack it up to go.

I haven't mastered the packaging. I imagine some parchment paper would be better than aluminum foil. With aluminum foil you need to eat it within ten minutes or it starts to get soggy.

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