How to bake cherry bakewell cupcakes!

This recipe is my take on the British classic Cherry Bakewells yum! Will make between 6-8 cupcakes, as always depends how big you like them :) Preheat your oven to 180'C (150'C in a fan assisted).

Gather up your supplies & your bowl, spoon, baking tray & cupcake cases. :)

Mix your butter & sugar together. JUST BEAT IT (8) haha. About 5mins of mixing here guys.

Keep mixing till your mixture is pale & fluffy :)

Beat up your eggs & get your flour ready :)

Add flour and eggs alternatively to the sugar mixture, folding gently until your mix looks like this.

Add a few drops of Almond essence :) yummy smell!

Chop up your glacé cherries and coat in flour, this stops them sinking to the bottom when baking :)

Fill your cupcake cases up...

And bake for around 10-15mins till they look golden brown on top! Yummmm!

Mix up your buttercream icing. I have no real set recipe, I just eyeball it. But use the amounts I suggested and then just thicken it up or use milk to make it thinner, depending on what you need!

Should look something like this in texture. :)

Voila :D

Watch the video: How To Make A Cherry Bakewell Cake! (June 2021).