How to make jewish penicillin aka chicken soup

Fill a 6 qt pot halfway with water and turn heat to high

Take two wrap n boil bags

Place the chkn bones into a wrap n boil bag

Put it into the water

Prepare veggies that wont be eaten... Onions, garlic, tomato and pepper

Cut them into quarters

Place into second wrap n boil bag

Place into soup

Prepare veggies that will b eaten... Carrots, zucchini, sweet potato, Turnip and...


Peel carrots

Cut them in half and then in half lengthwise

Put into soup

Peel zucchini

Cut in half and then in half lengthwise and put into soup

Peel sweet potato

Cut into quarters and put into soup

Peel and quarter turnip

Spice soup with 2 tbsp salt, pepper, paprika and a tsp of chicken instant soup mix

Lower flame... And let simmer for 4-6 hrs

This is some heavenly chicken soup!! I can never have enough....

Watch the video: Simple Chicken Soup: Anti-Inflammatory And Healing (June 2021).