How to make sheet music christmas ball ornaments

Find a piece of sheet music that you are allowed to cut up!

Cut each line of music. I used a paper cutter so it wasn't too tedious. Make sure you don't have too much blank space on the strips.

Cut those long strips in half so you have a bunch of short strips.

Get the balls you're going to cover out. This will not come off once you put it on, so make sure you're not covering a ball that you really like.

Take the hanger piece out of the ball. Getting the Mod Podge on this would look really tacky. Literally! ;)

Paint part of the ball with Mod Podge.

Place one of the strips on the ball.

Paint a layer of Mod Podge over it.

Put another strip on and repeat.

Place upside down on the hanger opening to dry.

After it's dried, put the hanger back in.


Watch the video: December Daily Ornaments Day 9, Sheet Music (January 2022).